Wireless Sub-Metering Systems

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*Wired and visually read meters are also available when wireless isn't required.

Apartment Complexes

Sub-metering is an easy way to "go green" and save resources! Studies indicate that properties that meter and bill residents use up to 30% less water than non-metered properties!


Regardless of the size of family, every household uses water, gas, and electricity differently. Metering is the only way to accurately and fairly measure everyone's usage.

Shopping Centers

Retail tenants usage can vary widely. Whether they sell shoes or coffee, no tenant usage is the same regardless of the space they occupy.

Manufactured Housing

With miles of underground pipes, leaks are inevitable. Sub-metering will not only report how much each residence is consuming, it can also determine how much loss a property has each month and help to track down any leaks more easily!

Multi-Family and ADUs  (Auxiliary Dwelling Units)

Do you own rental properties? Have you ever got stuck with a HUGE water bill because a tenant failed to inform you the toilet was running? Stop letting your profits go down the drain; you don't have to include everything in the rent.


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